Virus Removals

Pesky popups or ads? Sluggish computer? Our specialty is viruses and adware.

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Custom PC Builds

Custom built PCs, assembled by hand with quality parts that will last.

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Data Backup

Do not get caught without a backup! Ransomware viruses using encryption is becoming popular, a backup can help.

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Hardware Diagnostics

Having hardware issues? This can range from the computer not booting correctly to failure of components.

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We believe that your technology should be a powerful tool for you. That being said, we will provide you with the best hardware, support and advice that you can receive. Thousands of customers rely on Nucom for their day to day operations, and we are happy to serve each and every one of them.


Each of our clients have a different budget, different agenda and different ideas. Our goal is to provide the simplest solution for them to give them the solution that they need to succeed. Whether the job is large or small, we will go above and beyond to be certain that our customers are satisfied.


Quality of components is key to us. We realize that there are many choices in hardware purchases, and in most cases, it boils down to overall price. We see things differently here at Nucom. We see it as "Cost of Ownership." We could very easily choose to custom-design computer systems to be very inexpensive. We choose not to. Instead, we choose quality components and test them with other quality components - building a rock-solid computer system that will exceed your expectations. This has been our philosophy for over 20 years and it has been proven to be the best decision not only for us, but also for our thousands of customers.




Virus Removal

Removal of harmful programs or files from the PC. A virus is a program that stops the normal operation of a computer. For example: Ransomware viruses encrypt data until paid or user data is restored from a backup.

$59 Per Hour

Clean and Tune

Our most popular service. Adware, temporary files, old browsing data, and unnecessary toolbars are removed. Startup programs are optimized to improve perfomance. This often fixes a computer acting "buggy." 

$59 Per Hour

Data Recovery or Clone Image

Computer hard drives are a component that is sure to fail over the life of the computer. If your computer stops booting, it could be a bad drive. We have a very high success rate of getting data back even on a bad drive.

 Starting at $99

Data Backup

A good data backup is a way to prevent the loss of your important documents, pictures, and movies! Make sure the files are backed up safely. Wether its a bad hard drive or a crippling virus, a backup is your friend.

Starting at $99

Minimum Diag Fee

Our minimum diagnostics fee is in case of situations where a customer finds that the cost of the repair may be unjustified and decides to take the machine back. This is simply to cover our time in diagnosing the issues.

$39 Flat Fee