You can never have too many backups! Having a backup is CRITICAL. This is probably one of the most vital services we offer. A backup can save a total loss of your documents, pictures, and videos! Many new viruses are using a ransom method; the virus will install, run, and encrypt your data with a password. The only way to get data back is to either pay ($300 or more, not recommended) or to restore from a backup. A backup is a cheap and easy way to make sure your data will be secure. Whether you're a regular user or a business, a backup will save time and headache.

Windows Backup

Come in today and have us set up a Windows backup to an external hard drive! Having windows backup your data is efficient and effective. One of the biggest benefits to using the Windows backup utility is that data can be saved on a schedule. Many customers prefer a backup be set for either weekly or bi-weekly to ensure they have the most recent versions of their files.

Manual Backup

A manual backup is a click-and-drag way to backup files. This does not update the files after the initial backup, but this is a very good way to ensure you have all files at the time of backup. A reason a customer would ask for this type of backup, for example, would be if they wanted their pictures folders backed up to an external hard drive, but they want the ability to view the files on other computers or make changes themselves to the files after the backup is done. Any backup questions, just give us a call!