Build PC

We specialize in custom computers. Desktop or laptop, we do both. Desktops are hand built and laptops are ordered custom to suit. Big box sellers can not offer a custom order hand built machine that is made to perform. The problem with name brand PCs is that they are all "one size fits all" and designed with the cheaper parts. When you customize a PC you get all quality components that work together best. Build a performance computer today.

Custom Desktop

We build each of our desktops by hand on our front counter. Here we use the best parts to build you a machine that is going to last. All of our custom builds use Asus motherboards and Intel or Western Digital hard drives and Kingston memory. We build a good machine because unlike large computer vendors, we do not do the millions of dollars in sales, we deal in customer satisfaction instead. Come into the shop or call us next time you're thinking about creating a new custom built machine for gaming or simply daily home use.

Laptops to Suit

We sell custom order Asus laptops. The laptops we order are the best quality. They come with sleek top lids, bright screens, functional keyboards, and strong internal components. Asus makes one of the most visually appealing laptops on the market. Asus has always been a gaming PC brand so you can buy knowing that the parts they put in their laptops are of the same quality and performance.