Clean and Tune


Remove Adware

Remove Pop-ups

Stop Ads

Improve Startup Programs

Restore Browser Settings

Fix Errors

Remove Old Registry Entries

Uninstall Toolbars

Fix Services

Clean Temporary Files

A clean and tune is a necessary service on any PC. Over time junk programs pile up and run slowing everything down. The adware programs bundled with free programs are the biggest culprit of performance issues. Adware is the #1 reason that we see for a slow computer. Many people think their computer has a virus, but more often they just have themselves a few junk programs running in the background which can be taken out to improve speed. A virus removal and a clean and tune are very similar services, essentially they are both removing programs which hog your computers ability to perform like it should. We go through the computer and remove the bad programs, then we follow up the service with some of our optimization tricks to get it running again. In the process we clean out an temporary files and old registry entries. This is a total tune up for your PC!