If You're on the Phone
If They Already Called

This was a Scam

All of the above companies are 100% LEGITIMATE, but the representative that has called you is NOT at all associated with any of those companies. The most popular scam is:

An unknown number will call your home or cell phone and state that they are a Microsoft Support Technician. The people calling almost always are hard to understand so take that as the first warning sign. The conversation will usually continue with the "Microsoft Tech" claiming that your computer is (infected, sending out viruses, needing to be looked at, needs remoted into for service, needs maintenance, etc.)

These are all lies, these people called you first with no evidence you even own a computer! Your number has found its way onto a random call list where companies try tricking people into service. The "Microsoft Tech" will then ask for permission to remote into the computer. They give you a site to visit, then have you download a remote control software. When they gain access to the computer they may bring up a screen with 100's of errors, these are normal. Every computer encounters errors such as these and the computer corrects them itself. They will start their regular sales pitch and request that you pay them. From what we hear the price ranges from $50-300. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD NUMBER.

We have had many customers get hesitant to pay and the "Microsoft Tech" will then set a password to encrypt the computer using a Windows utility called SysKey. Their goal at this point is to ransom your data. This is why we recommend that if you've let them have access to your computer, you press and hold the power button to shut the machine down. Please give us a call if you have any suspicion.

Under no circumstance will a representative from any of the above companies call you directly and offer remote computer services. Do not give them any payment information. If you'd like to read more, this is an article directly from Microsoft's website.