Services We Offer

Don’t settle for less. We do service right. 

Virus Removals

If you use your PC to browse the internet, there is always a risk of getting a virus. That's why we are here. We take care of any virus related issues you may have.


Computers sometimes run slowly, best thing to do is get them cleaned up. We will go through the PC and clean any junk applications and improve performance with tweaks and tunes.

Hardware Diagnostics

It never fails that a PC quits working properly. We diagnose issues with hardware all the time. This includes failing hard drives, power supplies, graphics cards, and motherboards.

Virus Removal

No one wants viruses. Bring your PC to us and we will remove the virus and give it the cleanup it deserves.

Clean and Tune

A couple to tweaks and tunes and a touch of cleanup and we can have your computer running quick again.

Disk Imaging/Cloning

In the event of a failing hard drive, we can image/clone a copy of it. This means that you lose nothing. Everything is exactly in place where it should be.

Data Recovery

Bad hard drive or lost data? We offer software data recovery services to get your information back in your hands.

Data Backup

We can set your machine up with a system backup. Using an external hard drive is a great way to keep your data safe.


When something does work right you can bring it to us and have us figure the problem out.

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