Below are a few of the services we offer

Virus Removal

Removal of harmful programs or files from the PC. A virus is a program that stops the normal operation of a computer. For example: Ransomware viruses encrypt data until paid or user data is restored from a backup.

$59 Per Hour

Clean and Tune

Our most popular service. Adware, temporary files, old browsing data, and unnecessary toolbars are removed. Startup programs are optimized to improve perfomance. This often fixes a computer acting "buggy." 

$59 Per Hour

Data Recovery or Clone Image

Computer hard drives are a component that is sure to fail over the life of the computer. If your computer stops booting, it could be a bad drive. We have a very high success rate of getting data back even on a bad drive.

 Starting at $99

Data Backup

A good data backup is a way to prevent the loss of your important documents, pictures, and movies! Make sure the files are backed up safely. Whether its a bad hard drive or a crippling virus, a backup is your friend.

Starting at $99

Minimum Diag Fee

Our minimum diagnostics fee is in case of situations where a customer finds that the cost of the repair may be unjustified and decides to take the machine back. This is simply to cover our time in diagnosing the issues.

$39 Flat Fee